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A season of breakthrough

I don't know about you but there have been promises and dreams that we have been waiting to come to pass for a long time and as I wrote my report last night for our board meeting, the Lord showed me all the things that we are seeing breakthroughin and a stepping into the promises long held onto.
He showed me the exciting season we are in and I believe as a body of Christ, that we are walking into.  Keep going through the storms as its like the final birth pains for the things we have been believing for are breaking forth.

Creativity is being released Promises are being released,  Joy is being released,  Authority is being released. 
Firstly take a moment and write down all that is happening because often stuff is happening and we are not taking hold of what is actually going on in the midst of daily life that we get caught up in.  The 'wins' if you like as it will encourage you.

Secondly let me encourage you to keep going as all His promises are "Yes and Amen"

James …

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