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Prophetic pictures: Burnt Flesh, Big Fish, Expansion, Signs and Wonders

A couple of weeks ago I have had several visions which I believe is a prophetic picture of what God is currently doing and what He is about to do.Firstly, I saw ahead on the highway a huge explosion with black smoke billowing up and as I came to it I saw people had been burnt and I could smell the smell of burnt flesh.Our God is consuming fire (Heb 12:29).  His love is in the fire.  
Something the Lord has been talking to us about is the fall of the acts of the flesh, the strength of man.  This vision I saw was a representation that of the fire of Gods love is coming and going to burn away the things of the flesh, the things that were not of the Lord, the things that may have been good in their time but today is a new day.  Perhaps the familiar things we are so used to that we don't even know it's there.  The way we might speak, the way we might act, the way we might respond that are familiar with us but aren't necessarily of the Kingdom nature we have in Christ. The things…

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