Friday, 25 April 2014

It's about perspective and what we choose to focus on.

Out for a walk this morning with my camera and the Lord spoke to me:

Its all about perspective and what we choose to focus on.  We can all be looking at the same picture but see different things and it is what we choose to focus on is what we see and everything else can be a blur.   It can be right in front of us and we may not even see it.  Like the Kingdom of God, it is right in front of us but because we have our focus elsewhere we don't see it.

Recently I went to the movie Noah and I saw all the possibilities of faith, the encouragement of how big God was, even though the detail of the movie may not have been totally to the word of the Lord.   Others however hated the movie because they saw how it didn't line up with the word or for whatever reason, but we both saw the same movie and came away with different views.  Not saying either one is right or wrong but sometimes we need to change our focus in order to see how others may see things differently or perhaps to see the fullness of what might be right in front of us.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Oh I just want.... acceptance and approval

I had a vision the other day and in this vision I was visiting an old lady and others too came and visited her as she was sick and we were trying to help her, but as we were visiting her, the state gave her a new house and she suddenly got up from her 'sickness', changed clothes and literally became a new lively person and as it turned out she wasn't sick at all, but she wanted acceptance and in the state giving her a house, it made her feel like she was wanted and a part of something.

I believe this is a powerful word The Lord would bring about our true acceptance and love being found in Him and not in people or not in what we do or how people see us.
I believe many people are suffering some form of sickness, perhaps depression or some other things, but in reality if you felt accepted, loved or wanted, that sickness would suddenly leave you.  In reality you are just longing to be loved, which is fine as we are all wanting to be loved.

This really spoke to me of a past position I had once felt and not having a 'place' or a 'home' and I knew that if someone had said "Sarah, we want you, we want the giftings and talents you have" then I would have jumped aboard their ship, so to speak, but that didn't happen.   Instead The Lord had to teach me of who I am in Him fully and to value myself, without needing the acceptance or approval of man because Christ loves me and made me fearfully and wonderfully.
At one point in my journey with The Lord in this, The Lord showed me that to offer myself freely to anyone that would take me, was actually a form of prostitution and that I didn't realise the value of what I had and that if others didn't realise the value within me, then they were not worthy of what I had to give them, but I first had to repent for not valuing myself enough that I would 'throw' myself to just anyone.

And so I believe The Lord wants to heal people of sickness but a lot of that sickness will leave as you begin to learn and understand who you are in Christ, fully loved, fully wanted, fully amazing with gifts and talents that the people He has for you, will want and need, and that you will not need to 'prostitute' yourself in order to receive it or release it.    But at the same time we need to take responsibility for our actions or perhaps our sickness from which we may be suffering from, in why we feel not accepted, why we are sick, as there may be a cause that we can do something about.  Which may mean facing some truths and beginning to trust the word of God when he says that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. That you do have people around you who love you and see the gifts and talents that are there, but perhaps it is you who don't value what you have and therefore repent to The Lord for not loving how he made you, with gifts and talents that he wants you to use to the glory of His name.

In this vision a bunch of people,  had come to visit this one who was sick, but it was like they didn't matter when the house was given.  There are people around you offering you love and acceptance and wanting what you have, but you are wanting perhaps acceptance somewhere else or in some other way than what is being offered, as I was, but The Lord would say to you that He has put people in front of you who value you and the gifts and talents you have and to honour those who He has put in front of you.

God so loves each one of us and has so much for each one of us and often it is right in front of us, but we keep looking elsewhere and are not satisfied with what we have already been given.  Thank you Jesus for the people you have put in front of us to help us and who love us and have the best for us.  Help us to appreciate them and to honour them and to love ourselves and honour ourselves and to see ourselves as you see us and to love how you created us to be, which is different and unique from others, but equally loved and valued by you,  but that others need what I have to give them as much as I need what they have to give me.  Thank you Lord for what you are teaching us all through this.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Death, deception, familiarity and acceptance.

We live our lives and think nothing is wrong.  We cover our eyes and don't see what is happening all around us.  We don't pick up our hands to help because we are so busy in our own worlds, in our own desires, that we don't notice what is happening right around us.

Last night I had several dreams;

  • One of a girl hanging herself in the toilet while her parents were busying studying.
  • One of a young man selling real estate but deceiving the people in order to make the sale.
  • One of visiting some people who were dating and living together and there were some panthers roaming around their house and they were all good with it and they didn't damage the plants. (for me this spoke of familiar spirit and in fact there are so many living together that is a state of familiar spirit and acceptance that it is alright, but it is not)
  • One of being captured by the enemy and put in front of a firing line but ending naked and making love all together as a last request, but the state of acceptance in their hearts of what was going to happen after they made love, instead of believing for a miracle to save them.

All dreams about death, deception, familiarity, and acceptance.

These dreams put things in perspective for me and reminded me or what is important.
We can be so busy in our worlds living our lives, taking our time up with things that seem important but in reality are not.  
People are important.  There are people dying all around us of real issues that need our help which may mean we need to step in where others perhaps don't see what is going on to those closest to them, as is often the case.
Of deception and familiarity - thinking the lives they are living are all good, yet there is the devil roaming around and they are quite used to it, yet it will lead them down a path that leads to death.
Of a state of acceptance and apathy - this is my lot so I will just accept it instead of believing that we can have a life of abundance in The Lord which he died for, so that we could live and not just survive day to day and yet we don't do anything for that life we could have that was given for us not appreciating the gift that was given in Jesus.  Of being in a place of acceptance in their sin, instead of seeing hope and faith released that would bring life and a fight for life and truth.

This reminded me of the poem I wrote a while back where I heard the words audibly
"Help me Pretty lady, Help me".

So what does that mean for me?  What does that mean for you?  Are there some shifts in our thinking that needs to happen in order to help people, in order for us to take our eyes off us and onto others?  In our hearts to not accept the status quo and see what we see all around us and step up and speak truth that would bring hope and a future to people, instead of the acceptance of death?

Open our eyes Lord, open our ears Lord, open our hearts Lord, that we may see, that we may hear, that we may do something about what you show us and not be afraid to stand up in the midst of death and destruction, of deception and apathy, that we may stand up and help those around us when you show us something that is not right and is not of you, that would lead people down a path that leads to death.  Give us the ability to stand in the gap for those that need it and perhaps speak truth into peoples lives that will set them free from deception.  Where there is a familiar spirit roaming around our houses that just accepts what is not right in you Lord, help us to be set free from it, so that we may see and hear the truth and do something about it.
Oh Lord that we would not just accept that people are dying all around us, and perhaps even ouselves, in many ways, whether physically or spiritually, and that we would not sit back and do nothing about it.  Help us Lord to be your hands and feet in the place that you have put us and bring hope to the hurting, bring truth to the lies we and others have believed, bring faith and a future to people who need it.
Thank you Lord, we love you and help us love the people around us the way you loved us and gave your life for us so that we could live, help us give our lives for others so that they too would live and not die.