meet the team

spiritual oversight
As a ministry we are blessed to have an oversight of 7 board members (incl. Jim & Sarah) from all different churches that Jim & Sarah have relationship with and whom have been Christians for many years.  These are people with experience and insight and understand the call of God on Jim and Sarah's lives and the call of the ministry, which provides a place of accountability and safety.

Currently in our day-to-day running we are blessed to have in leadership:

Jennine Kelleher:                          Office and PA to Sarah
Sandra Nicholson:                         Prayer and intercession
Graeme Cook:                                Worship Overseer
Sue Clausen:                                   Financial Administration
Sue McKee:                                     Church Elder
M & M                                              Church Elders  (names not mentioned due to some of the
                                                           countries they work with)

We are also blessed with a team of interns who are all helping and learning and growing in the ministry.

jim and sarah chamberlin

We are based out of Hamilton, New Zealand and are radical passionate lovers of God. Our heart cry is to see the body of Christ be raised up to be all that it is called to be.

We believe Christians are called to be 'apostolic in nature', in that every believer is one that signs and wonders follow, not just the elect few.

Originally sheep and beef farmers from the King Country, God called us (along with our only daughter Kate) to Bible College, and then as Christian workers in China working among Tibetan Nomads. In December 2007 the Lord called us back to New Zealand and gave us a new vision of coming and going into different places/nations releasing the anointing and power of God. We hunger to see revival come in fullness in this nation and the nations of the world.

Missions is very much a part of who we are and what we believe. We believe that as people of God we are all called to 'go into all the world with the gospel', as in Matt 28:18-20.

Equipping the body, missionaries, churches, pastors and leaders to move in the power of God is a call on our lives. We have ministered not only in New Zealand and China, but also in Fiji, Tonga, Myanmar, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Portugal.

We currently also pastor Glory Release Church, held on Sunday evenings open to people from all denominations. More information can be found here.

Toby Collins - Lead Pastor - Life Church, Hamilton, New Zealand
“Jim and Sarah are passionate lovers of Christ who desire to see the glory of God touch and transform people's lives. They minister with compassion and Holy Spirit power and always leave people in a wake of love. They have been involved in Christian ministry for many years including missions and church leadership. They also minister regularly in various churches through out New Zealand. I personally love and endorse them both for whatever ministry opportunity is presented to them.”

Rev. Diane Yule - Te Awamutu Presbyterian Church, Te Awamutu, New Zealand. 
"The words of the Lord’s prayer, the prayer  that Jesus taught His disciples, are particularly relevant to Jim and Sarah’s ministry as they truly seek to be conduits of God’s Kingdom here on earth. Indeed, their passion is for God to use them in ministry and mission in order to extend God’s Kingdom & His saving grace & love wherever they are as they pray: ‘Father, your will be done, your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.’….They are willing to be used anywhere, with anyone! All people are important to them! Indeed, it is a true delight to see their love for everyone, regardless; and so their willingness to be available to touch people’s lives one on one or ministering in a small group or to larger gatherings. Nothing is too small or too big for them as they trust in God’s leading….”

Jim:     Diploma of Ministry, Diploma of Christian Leadership
Sarah:  Diploma of Ministry, Certificate of Christian Studies

Along with other certificates of different trainings:
  • Elijah House
  • Father Heart
  • Kairos Course
  • Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills