Sunday, 24 March 2013

How do we honour?

This morning I am pondering how we truly show honour to people?  I was thinking about how to honour some people and the Lord said to me “Sarah honour them the way you want to receive honour.”  I found that really interesting as it made me question as to what I see as honour toward me in my own life.

While mowing the lawns I came to see that honour is actually shown more deeply from people when it is given from the heart, sown by that particular persons love language perhaps and so often we don’t receive the honour that people are giving us if we are expecting it a certain way.  For instance the other day a beautiful lady in the Lord gave me a couple of very small roses to wear on my clothes.   It was so beautiful and so touched my heart and spoke volumes to me and the honour and love she was showing me because she had thought of me.  Often we miss the love and honour someone is trying to show us because we see it from how we expect to receive it.  Another lady gave me a gift to give to my daughter which just blew me away and so touched our hearts of her thoughtfulness and love toward us as a family even though she has only met my daughter once or twice.

So in thinking about it I thought that actually love and honour towards someone is shown I believe more deeply through the love languages that people have and they can be all different.  For one it may be gift giving, for another time spent with people, for another seeing a need and fulfilling it where they can, for another just listening to someone.

So along with me, lets look out for the honour that is given in our lives although perhaps different to how you may give it and we will see and appreciate how much God is showing his love toward us through people because every good gift is from God.