Friday, 22 February 2013

It's time to sing again

This past week the Lord has been speaking out of Philippians 3 and there are a few things I believe he wants to share.

Firstly: its time to sing/speak again.  Things have hurt people in the past and because of the hurt it has 'shut' their voice down.  It is not a place of denying what has happened but it is a time to forgive and to not allow the enemy a stronghold and to step into all that the Lord has put on our lives and to sing and speak with the voice he has given us.
Pray and bless those who it may seem as if they persecuted you.  In releasing forgiveness, blessing and prayer over them, we are asking the Lord to bring them into the fullness of him which in turns shifts things in their world and in your own.   The Lord has called us as Christians to a ministry of reconciliation and in praying for those who have hurt us, He will heal our hearts toward that situation whatever it may be and help us step forward into the new things he has for you.

Secondly: "Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead....."
In moving forward we cannot keep turning back and going over old things.  Sometimes we will find in our situation we are not moving forward and it is often in that time that we go back over the old path to see where we went wrong.   The past is the past and we are called to live in today and press on to what is ahead.  If we continue to go over the past, things will come up that actually weren't there before and that is when we come into a place of trouble.
In the place you are in, if you can't see a way forward wait until the Lord reveals it and then you move forward.  v16 "Only let us live up to what we have already attained."

Many blessings as you move forward into all that God has for you and as you wait for Him to show you the next steps.