Let's take a walk in the garden

This morning I am praying and my beloved stands at the door and knocks and I invite Him and we dance together and my head is bowed low and He lifts up my head and looks at me in the eye and His eye touches mine, I cry.

I cry because I am tired, I cry because sometimes it just too much, too hard, I cry because I don't know why but my heart knows in the face of my beloved, in the face of His love which overwhelms me and I feel safe again, I feel hidden again, I feel protected again.

He makes everything beautiful in its time
We chat and He shows me that its okay to be 'dry', its okay for things to 'die' because there are seasons in our lives and without the dry and without the dying then new life, resurrected in a new way, would not happen.  He shows me not to get discouraged by the brokenness, He shows me not to be sad in the dryness but to enjoy the seasons that are necessary in order for new things to come.

He takes me into the 'garden' of my heart.
He takes me into my own garden where some things are flourishing and looking so beautiful, while others are needing weeding and fertilising.  He shows me the roses which need spraying and cutting back in order for diseases to die and for new growth to come.  He shows me that there are some plants that I have been given that have yet to go in the ground and He shows me that everything doesn't need to be looking good all the time.  
That it takes time for things to get planted, for things to get cut back, for plants to flourish, He shows me the grapes that there is so much fruit on them but it's not yet time for them to be picked.  He shows me that it takes work to keep the garden up to date but that while one area is looking good another is getting pruned and that is okay.   There are times and seasons for the various parts of the garden to grow and to flourish while other parts die off and new things are put in.

He shows me its absolutely alright to be where I am at, He shows me it is the journey of the garden of the heart.  And so my heart feels encouraged, I feel the love of the beloved as He talks to me in the secret place.  I feel His love and approval in just where I am at in the season that I am in.

So I encourage you, as He stands and knocks on the door of your heart, let Him in, let Him show you the garden of your heart and enjoy walking and talking in the cool of the day, let Him show you new things He is planting and things He suggests that its time for them to die.  Let him come into the garden of your heart.

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