In the learning of patience He leads us to peace

Lately the Lord has been teaching me about the value of patience and what takes place in the waiting for the desires to happen, what the Lord brings to light that is in my heart that he wants to heal me of.
There is so much teaching to be had when things don't happen as we think they should.  The matters of the heart that need exposing in order that we come into the truth of God.  So many things that we think we believe in, in our heads - but the reality is not quite there in our hearts and so in the patience and the waiting for things to happen the Lord, reveals these things to you because His heart for us is that we not be lacking anything. (James 1)

I feel like I have finally had some breakthrough in one particular area in this and how do I know that - because of the rest and peace that comes when finally I trust in the Lord and wait for him to do it.  Peace is a Kingdom reality and position and when I am not in peace on something then I find that in reality I am not trusting the Lord in some aspect of it.  And in his love and compassion towards us he keeps us in that place so that we come into the best he has for us.
I think I trust Him in a certain area and then He shows me another aspect of the same thing and I find there is still things that need changing in my mindset in order for the fullness that God wants for me and for those around me.

He is so patient with us it just blows me away.   Today I feel so blessed as the Lord has over the last couple of weeks showed me a desire in my heart I didn't know was there and in him showing me that he showed me that it was his desire too for me to have that desire, as He wants to give good gifts to his children because every good gift is from God.    And so now that gift has arrived and I sit in awe at the goodness of God.  But it was something two weeks ago I had no idea it was in my heart and in him revealing it, it showed me another system of thinking, a mentality in me that I have lived under which is not the truth of God.
Something so little and yet so big in me, but in His love for me and in his patience toward me, he leads me.
I read in Matt 6 in the whole part about not worrying this morning and about Solomon dressed in all his splendor and the verse is talking about the birds of the air etc and how valuable each thing is but that God looks after them and how much he too will look after us and yet we worry about these things.  As we seek His Kingdom and His righteousness all these things will be given to you as well.

So I want to encourage you this morning to allow the patience of God to be worked out in your life so that you come to a place of peace in whatever it is, to allow those hidden things to be revealed that are in your heart that you are not even aware, those hidden frustrations or questions but also those hidden desires and when we delight ourselves in him, he gives us the desires of our heart. (Psalm 37)

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