Francistown, Maun & then?????

Prov 11:25  "A generous man will prosper , he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed."  Well we are now in Maun after a very exciting meeting in Francistown where the joy of the Lord was released and people set free.  It was so much fun seeing the tears rolling and then the joy coming.  Now in Maun after another 6 hour bus journey.  We have already done one meeting last night after arriving and have another three lined up until Sunday evening and now also a meeting for the leadership again tomorrow morning.   So we need refreshing but the Lord is refreshing us and giving us what we need.  Interesting what we are learning in the spirit and the strongholds over peoples lives and asking the Lord for breakthrough in their situations.  Some places no problem but other places its is really hard ground that is needing breakthrough.  We would ask you to pray for keys to see the breakthrough come in this place.  Jim is preaching tonight on "Are you your fathers child".  We are very expectant with the time here as when first meeting the Pastor and listening to some of his testimony knew that they Lord had brought us here to him.

We are now staying with the Pastor in his home, he is wonderful but struggling a lot but hungers for everything God has for him and his people.  They are very poor and their church is in a tent as they cannot afford a building yet but are praying for breakthrough in this.  Maun is what they class as a village of 60000 people, not quite a town yet according to the Pastor. :)    So please stand with us to see God move powerfully in their lives and situations.

Jim currently has a cold so would ask that you would pray for him.  But other than that all is going well.  Please stand with us in prayer as to the next steps after Maun.  Currently thinking we will take a few days after the meeting here to rest a little and be refreshed in the Lord and enjoy some of the tourist spots here with the Delta river not too far away and then look at heading towards Zimbabwae for the next part of the journey.

So until next time, thank you for continuing to stand with us to see what the Lord is doing in this place.
With love to all - Jim & Sarah from Maun Botswanna :)

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