Sunday, 6 April 2014

Oh I just want.... acceptance and approval

I had a vision the other day and in this vision I was visiting an old lady and others too came and visited her as she was sick and we were trying to help her, but as we were visiting her, the state gave her a new house and she suddenly got up from her 'sickness', changed clothes and literally became a new lively person and as it turned out she wasn't sick at all, but she wanted acceptance and in the state giving her a house, it made her feel like she was wanted and a part of something.

I believe this is a powerful word The Lord would bring about our true acceptance and love being found in Him and not in people or not in what we do or how people see us.
I believe many people are suffering some form of sickness, perhaps depression or some other things, but in reality if you felt accepted, loved or wanted, that sickness would suddenly leave you.  In reality you are just longing to be loved, which is fine as we are all wanting to be loved.

This really spoke to me of a past position I had once felt and not having a 'place' or a 'home' and I knew that if someone had said "Sarah, we want you, we want the giftings and talents you have" then I would have jumped aboard their ship, so to speak, but that didn't happen.   Instead The Lord had to teach me of who I am in Him fully and to value myself, without needing the acceptance or approval of man because Christ loves me and made me fearfully and wonderfully.
At one point in my journey with The Lord in this, The Lord showed me that to offer myself freely to anyone that would take me, was actually a form of prostitution and that I didn't realise the value of what I had and that if others didn't realise the value within me, then they were not worthy of what I had to give them, but I first had to repent for not valuing myself enough that I would 'throw' myself to just anyone.

And so I believe The Lord wants to heal people of sickness but a lot of that sickness will leave as you begin to learn and understand who you are in Christ, fully loved, fully wanted, fully amazing with gifts and talents that the people He has for you, will want and need, and that you will not need to 'prostitute' yourself in order to receive it or release it.    But at the same time we need to take responsibility for our actions or perhaps our sickness from which we may be suffering from, in why we feel not accepted, why we are sick, as there may be a cause that we can do something about.  Which may mean facing some truths and beginning to trust the word of God when he says that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. That you do have people around you who love you and see the gifts and talents that are there, but perhaps it is you who don't value what you have and therefore repent to The Lord for not loving how he made you, with gifts and talents that he wants you to use to the glory of His name.

In this vision a bunch of people,  had come to visit this one who was sick, but it was like they didn't matter when the house was given.  There are people around you offering you love and acceptance and wanting what you have, but you are wanting perhaps acceptance somewhere else or in some other way than what is being offered, as I was, but The Lord would say to you that He has put people in front of you who value you and the gifts and talents you have and to honour those who He has put in front of you.

God so loves each one of us and has so much for each one of us and often it is right in front of us, but we keep looking elsewhere and are not satisfied with what we have already been given.  Thank you Jesus for the people you have put in front of us to help us and who love us and have the best for us.  Help us to appreciate them and to honour them and to love ourselves and honour ourselves and to see ourselves as you see us and to love how you created us to be, which is different and unique from others, but equally loved and valued by you,  but that others need what I have to give them as much as I need what they have to give me.  Thank you Lord for what you are teaching us all through this.