Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Do you want to walk in signs, wonders and miracles?

People say to me that they want to walk in signs wonders and miracles and yet..... the cost it takes to do that they are sometimes not willing to pay - yet  Because the reward far outweighs any cost that might come. And I pray that people get a revelation from God of the joy set before them through Jesus! The cost of perhaps walking away from friends that don't believe what you believe or want, the cost perhaps of family who reject you because you are radical and taking your faith too far - in their eyes at least, the cost perhaps of leaving houses, fields etc, the cost perhaps of going to a friend and apologising for your behaviour, as you obey what it is the Lord puts on your heart to do and you may need to surrender these. Yes salvation is free through Jesus, but to walk in the anointing of God where you see captives set free around you, where you see the sick healed, where you see lives changed before your eyes, costs you to believe in what Jesus has done and can do, through one life that is willingly surrendered to Him, no matter what the cost. One life has changed the world - Jesus. What can he do with You as you surrender to his call - Just believe