Saturday, 9 February 2013

Vision for the Puketaha Hall Gatherings

Vision for the Puketaha Hall Gatherings

      Family Gatherings –

The new but old interpretation of Church?

Last night I had a dream and in this dream I saw what I believed the Lord is saying for the gatherings on the Wednesday nights.

I saw a motel room and as we were preparing one of our friends came in and had a bath and she was naked but happily having a bath in front of me.  Then one by one, different people came in, family came in and began gathering.  My sister came in carrying a brand new baby, which we were all so excited about because it was brand new.  Others came and gathered that we had not expected and hadn’t seen for a while and we were so thrilled to see them. The youth had been at something else but were still here and they came.

So I believe the gatherings at Puketaha hall will be like going to a motel for a family gathering where you all come from different places and join for an event.
A motel is a temporary place and as I looked in my dream interpretation book it states a motel as:

A place of encounter
A place of discovery
A place of refreshment and rest

But as I reflect on the person naked in a bath, it will be a place where we can be vulnerable and openly cleanse ourselves in front of others.

It will be a place where we can all oogle and enjoy new babies in the spirit, no matter what they are and wonder how they will grow up, but allow them the freedom to learn.

It will be a place where people will come from afar when they are in town.
It will be a place where you don’t know who will turn up and when but totally thrilled when they do.

It will be a place where Jim and I as parents of this gathering will look about us with tears in our eyes as we watch the family grow and come and go.
Isaiah 60:4 Life up your eyes and look about you: yours sons come from afar and your daughters are carried on the arm.  Then you will look and be radiant, your heart will throb and swell with joy;