Saturday, 9 February 2013

A caution to the racers

This morning I saw a picture of a new mail delivery vehicle it was blue and it was full of youth.  I was driving along the road but in their excitement to beat me to the end of the road they cut corners on the inside like on a racetrack.  On the straight there was this fun race spuring each other on but on the corner they cut it hoping to race ahead.

My caution to the youth, in the excitement and joy of delivering the heavenly mail (blue signifies the heavenly/spiritual) things to people e.g. words of knowledge, prophecy, etc. sometimes its wise not to cut corners trying to race ahead of others because that is where accidents can happen.  It is good to spur one another on in the things of God, but where there is a turn in the road, make sure you can see clearly ahead of you otherwise keep to the road even though it may take a second or two longer, as you will find it is safer and not cause accidents or harm people in the process.

So for example if you have a word for someone but you don't have it all, only give what you have and don't give your added interpretation onto it as you can alter and change what God intends.  You can only give what you have and you will often find that others will have something else that will add to what you have, bringing a complete picture to the person.  You don't have to have everything, allow God to use others around you to bring the complete thing.