Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Regret.....Pass on what you have.

This morning I had a dream of a woman who was a warrior, who was well used to going into battles and one day someone gave her a jewel case with some ancient jewels in it, a huge ruby that was set in an intricate gold setting, and other jewels that were beautiful that were being passed down to her and that had originally come from someone before her.
She put them away in a safe place and went out into battle again for it only to be her last battle.

In looking back her regret was that she never told anyone where the jewels were before she went out to battle that she was given and so they were going to be lost and no longer being passed on, hidden forever in history, the beauty of what she had been given lost and of no value.

I believe there is a word in this dream that I saw this morning.
Many of us have fought many battles in the spiritual and natural realm and in that we have received jewels from the Lord through the things we have learnt in those battles and the training of which we have been in.  We have taken from those battles spoils of war, lessons learned, wisdom gained and the things we have taken from those battles have made us beautiful, adorned us with jewelry so to speak.
Isaiah 54:11-12  “I will build you with stones of turquoise, your foundations with sapphires.  I will make your battlements of rubies, your gates of sparkling jewels and all your walls of precious stones”.

But the word of warning in this dream is that those things we have gained through those battles is not lost in our death.  That what we have learnt, that the inheritance we have received and been given, is passed on and not lost and for no purpose.
It reminds me of the parable of the talents in Matt 25:14-30 and that the treasure we have received would not be buried unable to be passed on.

In times past it was passed on through stories told to their children, and now through media there are many ways of passing on what we have been given, the spoils of war that we have received, so that it doesn’t get lost.
You could write a blog or a book, sing a song, paint a picture, whatever the media and creativity that the Lord has given you to be able to pass on what he gives you.  It might be simply having a coffee with a friend and sharing what you have learnt.
Whatever the way, I encourage you to consider the inheritance that you have been given in the Lord and through the battles that you have fought and overcome in, that it doesn’t die with you but will be passed on from generation to generation.