Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Quantum Leap Season for New Zealand

Quantum Leap... a sudden and significant change or increase; something, sudden, spectacular and vitally important, a sudden highly significant advance.... breakthrough!  (taken from Anthony Eddy's declaration booklet )

We are in a season of much change, much shifting, sudden-lies, alignment to the purposes and plans of The Lord.  Be willing to move with what The Lord is doing.  There will be change in many areas, be willing to move with the changes.  And you will see the Glory of The Lord revealed through your obedience to what He is saying and doing.

God is a good God and has good plans for you,  but not only for you but also for this nation and the nations of the world.  New Zealand is a forerunner nation which will take what The Lord reveals to other nations and there will be a 'trading' of the different things that different nations have, that will bring a fullness to the revelation of the glory of The Lord.

Be ready to move with what you believe The Lord is saying, but also in the changes seek the counsel of those around you that carry wisdom and advice from a heavenly perspective and not a worldly perspective, remembering that our God is a God who can do all He said He would do.  We are a people of promise, children and descendants of Abraham and we are called to be blessed but in order to receive that blessing, sometimes we may be asked to step out of our 'homeland', those places of comfort, where we are used to dwelling, and step out of the boat like Peter and see God take our hand and lead us on.  I know this is never easy but in it The Lord he will make the way and he will make it easy in its right time.  Don't try to run ahead of the promises of God, let him lead you by His peace.  He is not one who comes with pressure, stress and so much challenge that you feel you can't do it, but he comes in a way that gently encourages you, pushes you on, and takes you by the hand.  It may feel at times like a huge step of faith but He will come in that place and you will be amazed at what The Lord will do through you as you step out.

I believe we are in for exciting and challenging times and it's a time that we need to know who we are in Christ.  Our 'identity' as a christian will be challenged but strengthened in the process of it all if we stand firm in who we are in Christ and what His word says.  There are winds of crisis coming and its important that we hold onto what is good, that we stand firm using the weapons of our warfare as found in Eph 6.  We are in a war, a war for our children, our families, relationships, for truth and integrity etc.  We may not feel like we are in a 'war' as known by the world, but we are in a war to see Heaven here on the earth released that will change the world we live in, one of reconciliation, restoration, healing, of hope, of faith.

As a Christian we have the answer that so many are crying out for right now, and I encourage you to stand in boldness and in faith and declare the truth to situations, to people, to this nation.  Our God is good and He loves all His children and His desire is that none perish.  Pray, Pray, Pray for those around you, pray for the situations that you know about that need a touch from The Lord and see Him answer your prayers.  But not only pray but also act if you are able to help those people you see in need as we are a people not just of talk but of action.
God answers your prayers - just believe!  And He just loves to honour those who honour him and you will not be put to shame as you trust in Him.(Psalm 25)

Many many blessings in this season!