Monday, 2 December 2013

Do you feel stuck with no way out of your current situation?

Last night I had this dream and in this dream I went into an open home to have a look at a house but while I was there I saw all these people that were part of this building complex that had been 'taken in' by the goodness of how the building complex sounded and had spent their life savings and bought in this complex.  I saw some people that I knew previously from another place where the Spirit of the Lord had touched them powerfully, but now they had invested everything they had into this building complex and couldn't get out of it but when they saw me, how pleased they were to see me.  As I looked around their hearts were stuck as there was no way out for them, a hopelessness as they realised what they had done and the truth in which they now saw.  And as I looked over the walls into the building complex I saw like a chinese school like building but it was a stadium, all very uniform, the discipline hard, the worship of one man who was a statue on their desk, it was like that had become a part of a chinese army.  I don't believe China as a country has anything to do with this, it was more that there was the one world government thinking taking over, the rule of oppression and control, the fear, the hopelessness of not being able to get out of it.

If you feel like this is you, stuck, with no way out, a place where you have invested everything in it only to find the truth and you don't know how to change this situation you now find yourself in, then I have something to share with you.

In Gal 5:1 it says "It is for freedom Christ has set you free".
Freedom is not a place, it is not the situation you are in, but it is the attitude of the heart.  You can be in a prison and still be free.  You can be in a wheelchair bound unable to move and yet still be free.  You can be in the worst marriage relationship of abuse and yet still be free.  Whatever situation you may find yourself in and feeling you cannot get out of it, then I want to share about the hope we have in Christ.
You may be one who has started well in Christ but for various reasons now find yourself bound and wonder what happened that you ended up like this, and yet still be able to come into freedom and joy again.
No matter what situation you are in, God is able to turn it for good - if you let him lead you through the valley of the shadow of death and hopelessness, if you let him be the light that guides your feet, if you open the door of your heart and let him come in and bring hope and healing to you.

He says "I stand at the door and knock, anyone who hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him and He with me".

When we realise where we are at, the situations we find ourselves in, all we need to do is ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into our lives and to bring the change, to bring the hope, to bring the healing, to bring the freedom.  He says, "Whoever asks, will find".

Because of God's great love for us he sent his son Jesus who died for all of ours sins, all our mistakes, all our hopeless places so that we could have life and have it in abundance.  Jesus took all our pain, all our shame, all our hurt and took it to the cross and buried it along with him at the cross so that we wouldn't have to.  He paid the price for all our mistakes, and failures, all our fears, all our worries.

When we come to him and ask him to come into our lives, and perhaps areas of our lives where we need His help, he will come.  It may not look how we think it will look, but he will answer your prayer.
He wipes the slate clean and holds nothing against us.  There is nothing we need to do in order for that repentance to be 'cleansed' from our life, Jesus paid the price for your mistake so that we don't have to continually pay for ours.  When we believe, we are forgiven, we are set free, there is no account still to be charged on our behalf because it has been paid for.  Today is a new day, the old has past, the new has come.  He will bring hope to the hopeless, joy to the sorrowful, he will bring peace to the restless.  This is who Jesus is and why he came,  so that we could have life and have it to the full!  Like any good father who wants the best for His children, is God  and what he want for us because he loves us so much and doesn't want to see us continue on in areas where we feel bound and hopeless.

We just need to trust that he will work through what he said he will do as we surrender our issues, as we surrender our hurts, allow the walls of our hearts to be broken down, our fears, our lack of trust in areas.  But He will always do what He said He would do, so just believe today that God can change your circumstance around, that he can take you out of that seemingly hopeless situation, that there is a way through where there seems no way.  Just ask Him into your life, into your heart, into your situation and He will come and you will see shifts happen, you will see lives changed, you will see hope return and joy and peace come back into your life even though you may still be in the same outward situation, he will change your heart and bring freedom and hope into it.

If this has effected you in any way and you want help or prayer please feel free to call me on +64 7 8389009 or find a friend who you trust to share your need with.  When we hold it to ourselves it often becomes bigger than it really is but when we share our problems, our needs, then we can receive help.  There is no shame in asking for help, we all need it :)