Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Don't worry, you wont miss the bus.

Last night I had this dream and there were a bunch of people at my house and we all decided to go somewhere by bus.  Because we had to lock up the house, Jim and I missed the bus, while the others managed to make it.  I found myself getting a little frustrated with Jim as he seemed to be so slow in locking everything up.  Jim & I got there just in time to see their bus drive away.  We were left standing in the rain.  But then the thinking came, its alright, we will just catch the next bus.

Some of us may feel at times like we have missed our opportunity.  That we have missed what The Lord would have us do, and in that we can get a little frustrated by people around us and even perhaps blame people for where things are at, at least I know I do at times. :)  But I believe The Lord wants to encourage people today, including myself, that you don't need to worry, just rest and be at peace and  you will soon get another opportunity.  Like waiting for a bus at a bus stop, they come around every 15-20 mins so don't be concerned.

In this dream I was reminded of a time where where we were in China and Jim & I really believed that The Lord had called us to go and live in another area.  We were totally convinced that The Lord had spoken and even the peoples words aligned with what we had been given by the Lord.   And so when we were told by the group of people we were with that we were not allowed to go there at that time, it was a real struggle to release and surrender it.  When we released and surrendered it, submitted to the authority over us,  and realised that God is the one who opens and closes doors and not man, and if it was his purpose for us to be there, then he would get us there.  We became totally at peace as to where The Lord had us and actually enjoyed it so much that the team of people we were with thought we no longer wanted to go.  But that was only because God's peace in the surrender had come, but it was still very much on our hearts to go and within 6 months or so we then were given the opportunity to move into that area.

We may feel we have missed at times what The Lord wants us to do but be encouraged, in the surrender and peace of handing it over to him, he will provide another opportunity that may actually be better than you first thought, dreamed or imagined.  :)  The Lords plans and purposes for your life will be fulfilled.