Sunday, 29 September 2013

Is the reality of your heart different to what people see?

I had this dream and in this dream I went to stay with some people but they had no room in the house for me so I stayed in my caravan.
But as I went into their house, the kitchen was a disaster, it was full of rotting food so much so that there were maggots growing and moving, there was stuff everywhere.  The people in the house were off helping a handicapped person which was good, but the state of their kitchen was a disaster.  So even though I didn’t know where to begin in cleaning up I started to clean up as they needed a hand and as I started to clean up the people in the house came and helped and switched on the waste disposal unit and the kitchen began to take shape again.

I believe this is a word for some of you.   Although you are helping others and doing good things, in the process, your own house, your own heart, is in a mess and you need others to come and help you get started.  The kitchen in dream language often means the heart and as you know in your own homes it is often the place where the whole house functions from.
The food often represents the word of God and I believe that you have had the word of God, but in the process of helping people have forgotten it and not used it in your own life and so it has rotted and is now just wasted and full of maggots.  And unless food, or the word, gets used, it is good for nothing except to be thrown out and destroyed, that is what we were doing putting it down the waste disposal unit.  Cleaning up the mess that had been created because people didn’t use the word in their own lives.

Sometimes the whole process of cleaning up seems too big and you don’t know where to start and I know for my own life and struggles I have had and especially my daughters bedroom :)  sometimes it is easier to walk away than deal with it.  The pray and walk away type thing, but actually not do anything.  But I want to encourage you that once you actually start on it, step out in faith and try to deal with it, then others will come and help you.  That is the place that the Lord can come and help, as you recognize your need for help, as you recognize that your house, your heart, is in a mess and needs a clean up.

When Jim and I were dating, he had showed me his home and it was spotless as he had made it that way in order to show me.  But the day we got engaged, he embarrassingly took me to his house and said "you need to see this".  And as we opened the door to the house,  the kitchen was a disaster, there was food on the floor, the cat was eating off it, it was disgusting.  But in that moment I knew where I fitted as prior to that it seemed he didn’t need me as he was so capable.  But when I saw the reality and not the fa├žade, I found my place in our marriage as being a help mate to him.   When we are real with people it opens the way and allows people into our lives, into the truth and in that place people feel wanted and needed.   But not only that, those people can help us in our time of need.  I didn’t judge the state of the kitchen; I just loved his honesty and willingness to show me the truth.  You may be surprised that when you open up with the truth of your situation, that you will find love and acceptance and the help you need to change what may be needed.