Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The lie of a lack of spiritual fathers and mothers

My ponderings this morning.

I believe we have a generation (of which I am a part of) at the moment who believe that there were not the spiritual mothers and fathers who taught them in the things of the spirit; of the way they should go etc. I believe to some extent there is truth, we don’t seem to have seen the ‘spiritual hero’s’ that we want to follow in our daily worlds around us. But I also believe that our generation or those who don’t believe there have been the spiritual parents, actually need to repent for not honouring the ones that the Lord has put in their lives and in which we have not received them as such and honoured what they inputted into our lives.

There have always been people around us sowing into our lives, sowing truth, sowing help and hope, but because it has not come the way we expect it, we have not honoured what those people have brought. Sometimes too those people sow into our lives with truth that we don’t want to hear and so we walk away from those who are the people that God has placed in our lives for our good. But in walking away and not honouring what they brought, what they have said, then we have reaped what we have sown and believe a lie that we don’t have spiritual parents in the Lord and so don't receive what they bring.  In actual fact we have many, we just have not honoured the ones that the Lord has given us.

Father forgive us for not honouring the people around us that you have put into our lives for our good. Father thank you for those people who have spoken truth, who have tried to help us even when we have not seen it. Father for those ones we have hurt along the way without even realising it, forgive us, and help us to see the people in our lives that you have given us and to honour them.