Are you ready and available?

Last night I had a couple of dreams and both of them were pointing to a lack of not being ready.  One was all these people turned up at my house and I was busying running around after them that I didn't even have time to get dressed, I was still in my pyjamas.   The other was we were going to see someone but before going I needed to get something to eat and go to the toilet.

I felt that in both of these short dreams I needed to be prepared, needed to be ready and I believe this is something the Lord is doing at the moment, especially with me.  I am finding myself 'de-cluttering' around the house, getting things ready and organised, putting boundaries back in place with time, just generally getting things sorted out and I feel the urgency in needing to do this.  As I look at my life and the way the Lord uses me, I often do prophetically what is going on in the spirit and so after having these dreams believe we are coming into a season that is going to be busy and we are needing to be a people who is ready to run.  A people who if a heap of people turned up at your house, you would be ready and organised for them and not found still in your pyjamas in the spiritual sense not the physical.  A people that if someone called you to go and visit them, you would be ready to go at the drop of a hat and not have all the excuses of busyness not to go.

There are several things the Lord is speaking to Jim and myself at the moment both of which we are praying about and not sure on the next step into these things but he just keeps reminding me that "he will take us there" and I just have to believe that what He says he will do, He will do.  Although I cannot see the way into the next thing or the reason as to why I feel to be getting so organised and ready for what I don't see the way ahead of me, there is still this need to be ready.  Like Noah who believed to build the boat yet had not seen rain before.

We are to do what we believe, we are to be a people who live what they believe.  You can always tell what people believe by how they live.  Whether we die still not seeing what we believe is irrelevant as we are a people called to live by faith and so by faith I believe the Lord is saying, get ready, be prepared and so in response to that I have to search my life and see if there are things that need to change or in order to be available and ready.

So the question comes - "How do I need to be prepared?"  For everyone this is different depending on what God is saying to you.  And as I said earlier the Lord has been speaking to me about 'de-cluttering' my life, about getting things like accounts etc in order, like getting physically fit perhaps and I know for me and how the Lord uses me this is an issue but one I need encouragement in.  Perhaps putting boundaries in with people so you protect your time and especially time with the Lord because I believe this will be one of the most important as busyness comes things like your time with the Lord seem to take a backward step, yet this is the most important thing that actually needs the most time set aside.  Perhaps for some its getting a passport ready and up to date.

So I encourage you to ask the questions - how do I need to be prepared for what is coming?  What is it I need to do to be the best I can be for what you are bringing?  Knowing that He will help you to achieve what it is that He is asking you to do.  I know this is definitely for me, but hopefully it may be for some of you too, a resetting of priorities so that we can be available for what the Lord wants to do.

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