Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Dealing with a poverty mindset

This morning I had a dream and what the Lord was saying is that there was a 'begging' mentality happening and instead of believing God would give everything we needed and responding and walking in the authority that He has given each one of us. That He is our daily bread, our daily provision. Instead many of us are like a people begging going around asking for the little scraps that people or God would give. Whatever it is you need today - God is able, in fact more that able to do exceedingly more than you think of, ask or imagine.
So I pray for you that every poverty mindset that limits who God is in and through you today would be broken in the name and blood of Jesus and that you would walk in the abundance of all that God has for you and those around you. Many blessings - Sarah.

If you recognize any of these seven signs in your life, you may have a poverty mentality that God wants to heal you from: This list comes from Kris Vollotton
1. You require your close friends to have an exclusive relationship with you. You get jealous when they have a relationship with anyone else. Why? You fear they will like them instead of you.
2. You assign negative motives to people who are prosperous, famous or powerful. Why? You probably are jealous of them, so you reduce them in your mind by building a case against them.
3. You are jealous of people who have more than you have. Why? You don't understand that in God's world there is always more than enough. Therefore, somebody else's prosperity doesn't reduce God's ability to prosper you!
4. You find a problem with every opportunity and are terrified of taking risks.Why? You don't know that God wants to bless you, or you don't feel worthy of His abundance.
5. You always feel like something is about to go wrong. In fact, when you are having a good day, you feel like a bad day is coming. Why? You have probably invited a foreboding spirit into your life. Foreboding means an impending sense of doom.
6. You live in shame. Guilt says I did something wrong, but shame says I am something wrong. Why? You don't love yourself and you don't understand the love of the Father!
7. You feel like a powerless victim. Life feels like it is happening to you. You often imagine yourself as a child in a grown-up world. Why? You aren't convinced of your nobility. You haven't come to grips with the fact that you are more than a conqueror!

In looking at how to overcome this take a look at the many resources on line.
This is one to check out: