Wednesday, 29 March 2017

We are ONE in Christ. Lets LOVE those that are different to me.

Recently I had a dream and in this dream people were embarrassed by me in public and only shared at a surface level not to the level I shared, which was at the heart. And in another scenario others shut me out because I was a women and I prayed differently than they did. It broke my heart the way I was treated and I found myself in tears. 
I share this because I have too often been rejected by people in the body of Christ because of various reasons such as those above. 
People, we are one body, all of the same blood, all needed by the other. We may be different from others, we may not pray the same way as others, but we all love the same Jesus and if we are believing for unity in the body of Christ, we cannot afford to be ashamed of others that may be different to us because we are all Christs representatives on the earth, all showing different faucets and parts of His personality. 
Please lets be a people who love one another wholeheartedly and honour others above ourselves as Christ did, who laid his life down for those who didn't deserve it. It has to stop in the body of Christ. We should be a people who celebrate differences, are blessed by the variety of people that God puts in our lives to learn to love. We are called to be a people that walk in truth, and in love, not in judgement, criticism and shunning our neighbour because they are different to ourselves.