Sunday, 3 April 2016

A word of warning.

Last night in a vision I saw several small individual planes trying to fly but as they took off they ended up crashing and burning.

I believe there are believers in the Lord who are moving in the gifts of the spirit and think that because they are moving in the gifts of the spirit that they have it sorted and they don’t need anybody else and they can just take off. I  believe in that ‘takeoff’ it will be short lived.  There are things you still need to learn.

We can have all the gifts and those gifts build us up in God and it is easy to become prideful when working in the ‘gifts of the spirit’.  But the gifts and the anointings that the Lord gives us are freely given, but we need to learn how to love, because as it says in 1 Cor 13, we can have all the gifts, but if we have not love, it profit us nothing.
And to love is to lay your life down for another, to love is to serve others needs above your own, to love is to lay down your rights and your expectations in order to see others flourish.  And in humbling yourself one to another, in the right time the Lord will lift you up.

Romans 5:1-5 talks about the building up of our character and although we can move in the gifts, unless our character develops and the relationships around us develop, the gifts and callings on our lives will come to a crashing short lived end.  Unless we are willing to humble ourselves and learn from others more experienced in the Lord, instead of thinking ‘we have it all’, our times of ‘flying’ could come to an undesired end.

God’s desire for you is to see you fly and to fly a long distance, not to crash and burn as I saw some planes doing.  So I encourage you to be willing to learn from others, to humble yourself to those who have walked the journey in the Lord and are still on fire and be willing to serve them and allow the Lord to lift you up.  It's so easy to fall into pride because we start moving in the gifts and seeing things happen around about us, but please I encourage you, not to be an individual plane doing your own thing.   Put yourself into a body and allow others to speak into your life, to allow God to develop the character in you that will not see you come to an end that is not his desire or best for you.  We are to be part of a family and it is a safeguard for you, not a burden.