Friday, 22 January 2016

I believe a word in season is - CONNECT

A word that has been coming through quite loudly from the Lord I believe is, “Connect”

Like a caravan without a car, in the open when a storm comes, the caravan without the car cannot move to safe place out of the storms without being connected to the caravan and when the storms come, they become exposed and vulnerable to the elements and can often be overtaken or overturned.

I believe there are many in the body of Christ who for whatever reason have become ‘disconnected’ from the body of Christ, perhaps because of distraction and simply becoming too busy.  I believe the Lord would remind you today and in this season particularly, to make sure you are connected in some way to others in the body of Christ.  It is easy to get distracted but I encourage you today to put things in place to keep those connections not only with the Lord, but with people in the body of Christ, who will be there for you when things are tough.  We need each other in the body of Christ, we cannot walk this walk alone and if we do, we are vulnerable for thieves to come in and steal, for the wolf to attack the lone sheep.

For some in your distraction and busyness and becoming disconnected to the body of Christ for whatever reason, you may have offended or hurt others.  My word to you, especially when you find yourself alone, please humble yourselves and apologise for any hurt you may have caused and ask for their help once again.  If they remain in a hurt place, that is not for you to pick up, that is between them and the Lord, but for you the Lord will come to your aid because He lifts up the humble.