Friday, 20 November 2015

I love the local church

I find myself at times fiercely defending the local church and church leaderships, mainly from christians who have been hurt by the church and in essence have still not forgiven the people from which the hurt has come.
We all get hurt by the things that can happen in church, but it is not in ‘church’ we are hurt by, it is in ‘relationship’ with people and those people happen to be in the church, but for me I simply see these things as an opportunity for growth in myself and learning to love.  I am continually asking the Lord for ‘more’ and often the ‘more’ comes in way of a challenge in which to love someone and in the learning of these lessons I find I become more like Christ, which is the prayer I am praying asking for ‘more’.

Without the challenges I have faced within the ‘local church’ and the christians that I am around, I would not be the person I am today, or carry the message God has given me, because these things have helped contribute to the growth of my character in the Lord as I have submitted to His word and Holy spirits leading and guiding in learning to walk through these challenges.  So I am forever grateful and thankful for everything the Lord has taught me and continues to teach me in the ‘local church’ and alongside the other christians that I am around.

I love the local church
I love coming together to worship God.
I love the people of God.
The local church has always been a place of growth for me.
I love seeing people healed, changed, delivered and set free.
I love the family the local church builds
I love serving God.
I love to serve God in the local church.