Thursday, 5 February 2015

Too busy already this year??!!

Last night I had this dream where I saw myself crossing the road over traffic going one way and then the other and train tracks in the middle and I saw my husband calling me back and as I started to come back to him the traffic was so busy I had to wait in the middle, there were big trucks coming one way, big vehicles coming the other way and the road was really busy and I just sat in the middle until there was a pause in the traffic to get back.

As I looked at this dream this morning I know in my heart the interpretation that there is a call to come back to the heart of worship which is Jesus, there is a call in the busyness of life and all that is happening and going on around me, that I need to ensure that I am with my husband (the Father) and not going off on roads that are the wrong road. 

At the beginning of new years we start afresh and get busy organising this and that, but it is very important in this time that we keep our focus on Jesus, that we keep spending that time with our Father who is peace, who leads us by still waters, who speaks to us in the quiet and directs our steps, who says this is the way walk in it.
If you find yourself caught up in the busyness, if you find yourself with so much going on around you at the moment, take a moment and come back to the Father, come back to the heart of worship and let him lead and guide you as He never gives you more than you can cope with.

Sometimes we feel like we can do nothing to stop the traffic coming and then I am reminded of the movie Notting Hill where near the end of the movie they are in a hurry to try and get to the girl and there is a car load of them and they are stuck in a traffic jam and can’t get out and one of them in the car gets out and stands in the middle of the traffic and puts his hand up and stops the traffic and they continue on, leaving him behind making it in time to see the girl (Julia Roberts)  Sometimes we need to get out and actually put a stop to some of the traffic that is hindering us getting to the Father.

This is a link to the song by Matt Redman of "I'm coming back to the heart of worship" - take the time to listen and just allow Him to come.