Sunday, 15 February 2015

Stir up the gifts within you - Advance!

There is a call I believe in the spirit at the moment, a call of 'advance'.

For many God has been teaching and renewing truths of who we are in Christ and the authority we have being children of God, but now I believe the season is changing to one in which we actually take dominion over the land that is before us.  We can only do this when we know who we are and whose authority that we carry, that we can actually move forward and take the lands that the Lord has given us to possess.

The word that keeps coming to me since returning to the Waikato is "Stir up the gifts within you!" 2 Tim 1:6.  As we keep praying this is the sense that is there, stir up those gifts and talents that are with you, stir up them and use them for the Kingdom of God.  We are an army and we need each other and I believe there is a call of 'advance' in the body of Christ, now is the time to take the land (and has always been) but there is a fresh wind of the spirit coming as we stir those gifts up, step out by faith and see the Holy Spirit move like you have never seen him move before.

Dr Myles Munroe writes "The gift is in us, but we have the responsibility to stir it up",  "It is something God gave us.  It is something we need to discover and then stir up.  No one else can activate your gift for you.  You have to do it yourself.  You stir up your gift by developing, refining, enchancing and using it.  That is where education comes in.  Education can't give you your gift, but it can help you develop it so that it can be used to the maximum.
Prov 17:8 says "A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it; whithersover it truth, it prosperth".  (KJV)  In other words, a gift is like a previous stone to the one who has it, and whenever he stirs it up, it turns into prosperity.  If you use your gift, it will prosper you.

What is your gift that the Lord has given you, give thanks for it and step out in faith in it.

So many of us are trying to be something that we were not created to be and find ourselves discontented instead of flourishing, longing for things that we are not called to be and do.  For myself I am called to preach the word of God,  others can never do that, are not supposed to do that, and yet want the anointing that I carry, but cannot do what I do in order to do that.  Just like I am not an accountant, or a business person, or a youth leader, or a nurse.
We all have different gifts and callings and so we need to stop being jealous of one another's different gifts and wanting to be something we are not called to be, repent for discontentment of what the Lord has given us and rejoice in who God made us to be and step out in a whole another level in that calling in such a way where the Kingdom of God is glorified in all that we do and in who we are created to be.