Monday, 23 September 2013

Do not fear - it will have the DNA of Jesus

Over the last two weeks I have noticed a shift and an expansion in the spirit of things about to be released, like the final stages of a lady pregnant about to give birth, when what has been inside, can no longer be contained and it has to come out.

And in the process of this 'baby' needing to come out there has been this question, this fear, and even this 'holding in the baby' because of the uncertainty of what it will look like, that there will no longer be control and in that there is a fear of releasing it and letting it go.

I share this because I believe there are many who are 'pregnant' with dreams, visions, hopes, plans, but because of the uncertainty of what it looks like there is a holding off, a waiting, a hesitation, possibly because in the past things have not turned out as expected, possibly because of hurts and fears of rejection, of what people will think etc.  for whatever reason.  But I want to encourage you today and something The Lord has been speaking to me about, is not to fear as it will have the DNA of Jesus.

If Jesus is in me, and Jesus has put these dreams, visions, plans on my heart, then I do not need to be afraid or uncertain of what it will look like, even though it might look different that I thought or expected because I can trust that it will have the DNA of Jesus.  As God is the Father of the 'baby' that is inside of you and me and in Him, I can trust.  If God is the Father of the 'baby' then it will have His genes, His personality, His traits and we can trust in that, however it looks, it will look like Jesus.

For me the 'baby' is Revival for this Nation, and what I have seen a little of already, I have been a little afraid of how it might look, of how people might reject it because it is not what they expected - or me for that matter, and so there has been a hesitation in the release of the fullness of it but The Lord has really been encouraging me and leading me to trust him that it will have His DNA.  And for many of you revival is something you are wanting and crying out for in your churches, in your life and yet there is a hesitation because of the uncertainty of what it might look like, that you can no longer control it.  But I want to encourage you that it will have the DNA of Jesus.  That does not mean it will have the DNA of 'church', as we know it now, but of the fruit of the spirit, of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  Against such things there is no law. (Gal 6:22-23)

It may look a little out of order, a little out of what we see as control, but rather the Holy Spirit being in control.  It may look like nothing we have seen before, it may look like people being offended because as Jesus walked he offended people with the truth, but in actual fact God is bringing to the light things hidden in the darkness and revealing them so they can turn and be healed and brought into 'true freedom'.  It may look 'messy' as people learn to come into a freedom they don't know how to handle as they are so used to 'boundaries' and working within those boundaries and now a freedom that they have not experienced before and having to 'grow up' in God for themselves and not in others, so there will be those finding their way without walls and so there will be mistakes, and growth and people in all different places but within all of this those fruits of the spirit should and will be seen.   There will be manifestations and strange ones at that, but once again we are called not to judge the manifestation but rather the fruit that comes from it and when manifestations happen it is easy to tell what is of The Lord and what is not, as the opposite comes, anger, judgement, criticism, pointing of finger - all not the fruit of the spirit.

So I want to encourage you and myself in The Lord as he has been speaking to me not to fear when Revival finally breaks out because it will have His DNA, no matter how it looks, what shape it takes, it will have the Fathers DNA.