Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Trip to China May 2013

We have been blessed to be able to go back to China for three weeks during May.  Another young man came with us which was great.  We went back into the area where we worked before and it is was so good to be able to encourage others in their work and to be encouraged by them.  We had many opportunities to impart the goodness, the joy and love of God to whomever the Lord brought us in contact with.  We were blessed to hear of testimonies of healings after prayer and to see what the Lord is doing in those areas now.   And as usual on trips such as these, the Lord teaches and grows yourselves in areas that need some growth, so it is all good!

We had a wonderful team of people taking care of the Wednesday group here for the three weeks we were away and to see and hear how that all went as people stepped up another level in what the Lord was calling each one of them to do, was amazing.  As He calls, He enables.  Just wonderful to see how God is changing and growing each one of us and enabling us to fly in the gifts and talents he has given.  From glory to glory!

Thank you to all who stood with us during this trip in prayer, in finances, in encouragement.  It is so wonderful to know we are not going alone wherever He sends us, but there is a team going with us.
Without you on the journey, we would not be able to do what the Lord calls us to do.

And in the airport in NZ as we arrived home, I saw a sign which read "As one journey ends, another begins" and now onto the next journey the Lord has for us.  For Jim and I, we are at peace that the Lord has called us to 'settle' more here in NZ and that the Wednesday groups is very much where he wants us to put our time and energy and also to whatever doors are opened for us to go and share around the country.  Jim begins a full time job in June which is fantastic to have some regular income coming in but it is also a job which will allows flexibility as the ministry may demand, so that is just wonderful.