Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Expectations and frustrations

Last night I had this dream and I saw myself going up the mountain with my husband and as we went up the mountain to the snow I saw the most beautiful waterfall flowing in the bush and the scenery was just beautiful and as we reached base camp there were many people waiting to go on the ski lift to the mountain but they were having to wait because as I watched the snow was melting so fast because the sun was coming out so strong the the snow was melting like right before your eyes and people were no longer able to ski.  People were getting frustrated because they had come to go skiing and now no longer were able to, but for others like myself I so was enjoying the scenery that because the snow was melting there was so much beauty all around.  At the same time there was aeroplanes flying around doing acrobatic flying in the sky and other people were in stands watching the planes flying around.

As I looked at this this morning, I believe we are coming into a time where the Glory of God is going to be revealed but its not what we were expecting or going to see, and like those who had gone with an expectation of skiing and got frustrated,  you have a choice to make; a) you can get frustrated because of your expectations not met, or b) you can go with what the Lord is doing which will be different than what you expected but very beautiful and a lot of fun.  

So often because of our expectations, it limits us to what is right in front of us and the beauty that is around us.

Times are changing and things are not going to be as we expected and like John the Baptist said prior to Jesus coming, “what did you come out to the desert to see”.  For many we need to shift our focus to how we have seen things happening to how the Lord sees things happening.  And in that shift I believe we will see so much beauty and so much fun that the expectations we once had will be forgotten about by the new things that the Lord has for each one of us.