Position for Expansion - What are you sowing now to receive a harvest for later?

Last Sunday I shared about being 'Positioned for Expansion' but this morning the Lord added more to that.  If you would like to watch the video recording of last weeks service it is on the Church/Worship page of this website.

This morning I was planting some plants in my garden.  Some plants I had already and they had been waiting for me to put them in, others I bought just prior to lock down knowing that if I didn't plant it now I would have nothing later in the season when I needed it.  So in the initial rush to get into 'lockdown', I went to the plant shop thinking about the future.  Right now we as a people need to be encouraged to look at the future and hope that we have, not just focused on the 'now' of our situations.  
So planting these plants this morning the question came "What are we planting now that we will be expecting a harvest from later?"  
If we as a people are expecting an inheritance or a harvest further down the line, then we need to be planting something now that later will bring in what we were expecting.
As a church people I have often talked about BBSS which stands for:
B    Being Intentional
B    Building Relationships
S    Sharing Testimony
S    Seeing Transformation.

So this morning in planting my seed in the ground it made me think, what am I wanting to see a harvest of in the future that I need to plant now.  What am I being 'intentional' in, so as to make way to build relationship, to share testimony, to further see transformation?

Personally I am wanting to build relationships in my culdesac and so this morning I invited our neighbours to a Happy Hour on Fridays during lockdown, a time in which we can gather at the end of our driveways, separately and yet together to come and share stories of whats happening for us through this time.
Ministry wise we are wanting to see small business ideas come to pass and so sewing time in applying for funding applications and grants to step forward in these in the future is another way we are sewing into the future and not just living in the 'now'.
For many its a time to chance to catch up on some long awaited dreams ideas of perhaps starting art work, being creative sanding furniture or the likes.
All things that are moving toward something we would like to see in the future.

So let me encourage you this morning to consider in the Lord how He would see you 'positioned for expansion'.  May the Lord open eyes to see and ears to hear what He has in store for those who love him and are called according to His purpose.

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