GRM Call to prayer - "Who will weep for the Bride?"

Something I realised in my recent trip away to the Canterbury region is again the confirmation and call of my heart to see the bride raised up to be who she is called to be. A pure spotless bride who is
ready for her beloved and walking in everything He has promised us as His authority here on the earth.  I realised afresh as I listen to different people, hear and see different reasons as to why people aren't going to church, or perhaps have recently moved churches for some reason, basically peoples hurts and frustrations regarding 'Church', that there is a disconnect in how people see things and how the word of the Lord the bible teaches us in how we ought to love one another and forgive one another.  Hence why we are seeing a 'powerless' church.  The word says that if we bite and devour one another we will be destroyed (Gal 5:15)

All of us have a heart and passion, yours might be for the lost, it might be for the single parents, or the sick, etc. but the Lord has put on my heart a call for the bride, the church.   So I ask you if you have a heart for the bride and want to see her become all she is all called to be then I invite you to join me in prayer.  Every third Monday of every Month, either at the resource centre, 25a Devon Road, or online through zoom, or even at home on your home.  Many blessings to you and lets see the bride of Christ arise and shine as we humble ourselves and pray for her.

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