Four visions I share this morning:

  1. Rubbish & Fruitfulness, 
  2. Spiritual Deception, 
  3. Open Door for Ministry and New Doors, 
  4. Solid food and abundance.

Last night I had a series of visions which I share with you as one may be a word in season for you.  I haven't added scriptures at this point to back them up because I am preaching in church this morning and need to keep going.   But if you want to know more about any of them, or they speak to you, or you want scripture that speaks to all of these (as it does for each situation), then please feel free to email me on and I can pray into with you.

1.    Getting rid of the rubbish.  A time of removal of the things that clutter up your lives. A time where you get rid of things you no longer need, that are broken, no longer working etc in order to become more fruitful.

I saw a picture of a car and trailer going to get rid of the rubbish and man opening a path on the highway in order for you to get through.  I believe God is going to make a way for you to get rid of some of the rubbish, clutter, stuff, you no longer need in your lives.  He is going to lead you to a place in order to get rid what you no longer need so you can be fruitful in what He has called you to do.

2.    Warning – Spiritual deception
I saw an aquarium where there were of all sorts of fish in the water and then I saw a shark trying to break through the glass trying to come in to where we were standing and so I sounded the alarm.  And then I saw a blue snake in the grass and we had to be careful we didn't stand on it. 
There are all sorts of fish in the water but some of them are predators, for example sharks and yet they are in the water with all the other fish.  So too in the spirit, there are all sorts in Christ, especially in the 'heavenly' arena and the exploration of the things in heavenly places.  But the word of God says they come dressed in an angel of light.  They look good and sound good on the outside, but their hearts are wicked and intent on causing harm.  And like the blue snake, blue often represents heavenly things, but a blue snake to me hidden in the grass is one of deception.

We need to be careful of spiritual deception.  Some ways I safeguard myself against spiritual deception that may be helpful for you;

·      “I am hearing more about Jesus or about angels?”
·      “Is what I am learning leading me into a deeper more Christ like nature, which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Kingdom of God”
·      Does this make me come across more spiritual than other people and something they can’t easily attain to without ‘works’?
·      Can the ‘ordinary’ ‘simple’ person receive the same?
·      If I share this with a non-believer, would it lead them to Christ?
·      Is love of God and of others at the centre of it?
·      Can they confess that Jesus Christ was born of the flesh?
·      Are they able to forgive those who have hurt them?
·      Are the people who are teaching this able to submit to authority and walking with others in the body of Christ, in fellowship with good Godly people of good reputation?

3.    The water has risen and you can no longer walk on the path you once wanted too.

 I saw this picture of someone heading down to a jetty but others couldn’t go because there was no path back, and the water had overtaken the path.
Others could still go there but there were others who no longer could.
The jetty being a ‘preaching platform’ and I believe God is going to open up a door for someone to walk through.  I believe there is a big door about to open for someone who desires to come alongside a big ministry in which you will join them and come alongside them as they minister.
But also for those who once desired these things, don't become jealous as God has moved you on to new things and you can no longer go back to the 'old wineskin' so to speak, he has new things for you to walk in.

4.    Shop - Solid Food
Going into a shop for some food and needing something more than just crisps, needed some ‘solid food’.  All they had was a bacon and egg pie so bought the bacon and egg pie.
·      Junk food, fleshly desires,
·      Solid food, the word of God.
Once you have had the solid food, you can’t go back on milk.   God wants you to eat of His word, of His solid food that will fill you, restore you and refresh you.  When you eat of the fleshly desires, it is short lived, and profits nothing but His word will bring life and life abundantly.

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