Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Hesitation often causes accidents

The other day Jim was driving the car and began crossing an intersection then decided he couldn't do it as a car was coming toward him and so he backed back, unfortunately touching the car's number plate behind him as he too had moved forward.

Many of us are stepping out and believe God has spoken, but when things start to come toward us decide to step back into what we think is the place of safety, but in so doing find things have changed and we cannot go back to the place we once were.

Fear often causes us to go back instead of forward and for me in the past when we have stepped up into the new things that we believe the Lord has said, often something will come that will try to intimidate us, make us think we have made the wrong decision, that encourage us to go back the way we were going, but in the Lord we keep going from glory to glory, advancing and not retreating.
It's in the hesitation that those around us may get hurt.

Often when we are unsure of the way forward and we step into trying to work it out logically, reasoning things out in our heads rather than in the spirit, which first prompted us to move originally and when we do this there are many good reasons for not moving into it but which may not be of faith or what the Lord has been saying.

So I encourage you today and I do myself in the Lord daily, I cannot go back the way I came, I press on toward the goal of which Christ has called me, I believe by faith and not receive the doubt and questioning that would like to come in its place.  I choose to believe and move into knowing that God works all things together for good, no matter what it may look like now or come to look like in the future, but trusting in God that He knows the beginning and the end and that He directs my steps.