Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wednesday Night Worship Begins Again

It is with great pleasure we can announce that this year the Wednesday night worship
 has begun


The gatherings will now be held on the premises of Life Church in Kent Street
but please note this is not a Life Church gathering but a Glory Release Ministries Gathering.

Why:  God continues talking about being prepared for expansion
and so we need more space for where we believe He is taking us all
and Life Church has blessed us to allow us to use their premises in order 
for us to grow into what God has called us to be.

God continues to grow the vision and He continues to talk 
about 'Enlarging the place of your tent - stretch out the tent pegs - Isaiah 54

And so out of obedience and faith to what we believe and where The Lord 
is multiplying and moving, we move to grow with what He is doing 
and be prepared in whatever ways we can be.

So we will share more about this and what we believe The Lord is saying this coming Wednesday night but please note the difference being now it will be held at Life Church, 7pm and not Puketaha Hall.  Thank you :)