Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Walls of our heart are being broken down.

Earlier last week I had this dream and in this dream my friend was crying and then I went outside and it was raining.  Then I found myself inside a room and there was this very tall man telling stuff in the middle of the walls to go and as it went there was this horrible noise that screamed as it went and then people's eyes were being opened and it was a time of rejoicing.

For me I see this very much what I believe the Lord is doing, that the Lord is crying, is weeping for his people and he is sending the rain of revival and speaking to the walls in peoples hearts that have held them captive for so long, the walls of regret, walls of disappointment, of failure, of hurt and rejection, of things that have been lost or stolen such as dreams and visions that yet have not come to pass, that has caused a wall to go up in peoples hearts that actually hinder hope and faith being fully released.  For whatever reason that people have put walls up to protect themselves and the Lord is removing those things that have held people captive and in a place of not seeing who He is and His love for them and His healing and forgiveness.  And in so doing peoples eyes are going to be opened in a way that they have not seen before and it will be a time of rejoicing and celebration.

I was reading the book "Crossroads" by Paul Young earlier on and he wrote something that summed something up for me so beautifully.   "Walls divide, but boundaries honour".  Walls divide us and cause separation between one another, between God, in every sphere of relationship.  But the Lord wants to break down those walls in your heart and come into a new place of trust, of rest and of healing and to bring honour.

I encourage you in this time to allow Him to teach you to surrender, to teach you what it means to open up your heart in a good and healthy way that not only honours you and honours those around you.  I encourage you to believe that the Lord is bringing hope and faith again into situations, into relationships, into dreams.  That is who He is, as it says in 1 Cor 13, these three remain, Faith, Hope & Love.