Just saying....

Yesterday when praying I got the picture of Jesus being born in a stable and the simplicity of that.  I saw how the three wise men were led by a star and that they were willing to follow that star no matter how far it took them or the cost involved, so as to find the promised Messiah.

It made me think how complex our church services are, how organised, how planned, how much advertising it takes etc etc.  And I started to laugh as I realised how far we have gone from the simplicity of the stable, from the simplicity of the leading of the star, from the cost and the journey it took made by the wise men in pursuing and finding the promised Messiah.  How Jesus, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords was not seen by the religious leaders of the time because he did not come as they expected as a King.  Instead He came opposite to the worldly thinking of the King.  He came in humility, born in a stable, available and accessible for the ordinary person.  Yet He was and Is King.  He didn't need any fancy advertising because those who were looking were found by him.

Just saying.... Lets not get ourselves distracted with things that really don't matter.  Lets keep it simple :)

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